Back with color.

{via Room Seven}


Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!

It's been a good break. You? I hope you're as refreshed as I feel. It's been a bit busy over here, which I never like over the holidays: namely lots of deadlines which I hope to talk about soon! But it's been wonderful to have everyone home. I always hate to send kids back off to school!

I'm back blogging again! I've missed you all. It's good to be back.

So....I've had my hands and head full to the brim with fabric. Color. Design. Color. Design. It's invigorating. Different enough from illustration to have given me a proper dose of all things COLOR. It's been so refreshing to think of colors and how they work together to make you feel a certain way. So, since I can't post what I've come up with so far....I'll post some color inspiration that I am currently enlivened by:

{From Craft & Creativity's Flickr Page: Pip Studio Wallpaper}

Have I told you my infatuation with all things Dutch and Scandinavian? Maybe not. Since I was 16, I was a gonner with anything that had a connection to the Netherlands, Sweden, name it. They are two technically different areas, but something about the way they celebrate color and how they push the limits against white (interesting for a territory dressed in snow so much of the year!)

So, it's no wonder that I have always loved Pip Design Studio and Room Seven: Two of my favorite places to get inspired. Both from the Netherlands.

Can you tell I like Red and Pink? Always have, always will.

It's interesting: I'm not always looking at style, but color and how it influences everything else. I always love looking at how the two elements of design work together.

I'll have to share with you more inspiration as I go. This is just a small part of what's getting my juices going lately!

Anyways, happy 2011 and can't wait to stop in more and say hi!

Ta-ta for now,