If you've been following along on the blog, you know that this is the second print in the Children Around the World Series. (You can read about how I started the idea here)  But I have to say that I've had such a great time creating the Tokyo print. Though I've never been to Japan, I have a strong tie to the people there.

I think I've mentioned before, that my Mother's side of the family comes from Hawaii. Oh gosh...I can't remember dates, but somewhere like 1915 my Great-grandparents went to Japan to serve a mission for our church. They had a baby there, and when it was time to leave (and go back to Idaho of all places!) they decided to not go back to the mainland when they stopped over in Hawaii en route. They loved the Japanese culture and people so much that they stayed as close as they could while remaining in American Territory, and stayed in Hawaii after that.  And my family has been there since. Well, kind of. They all went back to the states eventually, but if you've been raised in Hawaii, you never leave. I'm the first generation born in the states then I guess.

This picture is my Great Grandmother with I have no idea who, but I have to say that until I was a young adult, I always thought my Great Grandmother had adopted herself as Japanese or something because her hair was always done just so (and it was naturally jet black) and she dressed in the Japanese fashion of the least in pictures.

My Grandmother would tell stories of her mother (pictured here) speaking (and cursing) in Japanese, and since that time, our family has been tied to that country in a wonderful way. I'm going to go sometime.

This print as well as the London print are in the shop! Wanna know the next stop? Paris. Coming Dec. 1

I love this kind of travel. No sleepy kids. No jet lag. Enjoy!

PS: This print will be offered without the text and without the tower for those of you who would like it to represent Asia in general.

P.P.S: Come by tomorrow for the best giveaway yet. I can't wait!