Giveaway: Dotty by Julia Denos

Do you remember the Picture Book post I did a while back about Dotty? It was I think the most popular post of that  month, and I had so many of you email me thanking me for the review, as well as people who mentioned that they loved it just as much and went out and bought it. Horray! I love that. Especially as an illustrator myself, I love sharing wonderful experiences that picture books offer!

So I thought to myself, I am just going to contact Julia (the illustrator) and see if I can't do a giveaway? What the heck...the internet is a nice and friendly world right?...and it doesn't hurt to ask.

Well, a few days after asking about it,  I got this sweet package in the mail with TWO autographed books complete with sketch of Dotty and set of 4 stickers. AH! I need to tell you that if I wasn't an honest person, I would be keeping them for myself!!! These are so precious! Really...this is one of my new favorite pictures books.

Dotty is the story of Ida who goes to first day of school with her imaginary friend Dotty. But it's just as well, since the rest of her class has imaginary friends too. As the year wears on, Ida realizes that the rest of the kids have "grown up" and think imaginary friends are for babies, and Ida is put in a tough spot because she still has Dotty. This picture book explores the emotions and playfulness of children with big imaginations, and has a VERY satisfying ending. You can read  more of my review here.

Julia is a darling person. I've follwed her blog for a while, and I think you'll just fall in love with her work! She's working on some really great books right now, and I can't wait to get hands on all of them.

Here's a little about her:

Julia is a recently married illustrator living in Quincy, Massachusetts just outside of Boston where she graduated with a B.F.A. in illustration from the Art institute of Boston at Lesley. She worked in a flower shop, followed by a children's bookstore where she was working when she landed her first job in 2007. Since then, she's illustrated 8 books for children, with several more on the way. Her 8th book, coming out in Janury looks delightful: what a dream to illustrate a Picture book on Audrey Hepburn!! So jealous.

She has a darling studio apt in Quincy which is gorgeous, with plenty of natural light!

She is just a darling person, and I've been so happy to get to know the person behind the books that my children love so much. You can get to know her a lot better here on this wonderfully thorough interview. Thanks so much Julia for this great giveaway!

Giveaway instructions:

  • leave a comment making sure to enter your name and email where it asks you to
  • comments will be closed on Sunday Nov. 7th at Midnight EST
  • TWO winners will be chosen to receive an autographed copy of DOTTY
  • Winners will be contacted via email

Best of luck!