Studio News.

This weekend, I had the lovely time of having the lovely Katherine photograph my studio. I'm going to be on KSL this morning (11:10 am on KSL news), and I needed to send in some pictures of my work space.  And though I haven't finished decorating and designing it, it was fun to shoot anyhow. I've had an array of work spaces over the years, and it's fun to look and see how they have evolved...I've had everything from corner of the dining room table to shared computer desk to bedroom. But if I have learned one thing about what I need in a work space, it's two words: "comfortable" and "inspiring." So that is what I am working on. I'll be sure to show more pictures soon! Like when I put up my half wall bulletin surface, and paint the other wall with chalkboard paint. Stay tuned.

But really, if you are local, tune in. I think it will be a really great panel. I'll be speaking with 2 other women and we'll be sharing tips and realities of starting a business at home. (I could say a lot on this topic!!)  And thanks for all your wonderful comments about that topic. I got some really good ideas, and I hope to be addressing those! I'll post the link to the web clip below as soon as I get it.

Thanks so much! See you on T.V.

P.S. I'll be the one who's trying really hard not to look nervous. I haven't been on T.V. since 5th grade morning announcements. This should be about the same thing, right?

EDIT: Here's the link to the video clip. It was fun to do...and not long enough...but I did it. Whew.