Guess who came to dinner?

Sandi Henderson is a long time favorite person of mine. Not that I had ever met her...but you know how blogging connects people and you feel like you know them even though you really don't? Well, Sandi has always been one of those people. And when I heard she needed a place to stay while she attended the local creative event, SPARK, it only seemed natural that she should hang out with our crazy family for the weekend.  As soon as I offered, and marked it on my calendar, I realized I just invited a celebrity and a stranger to my house for 4 days. Am I crazy? Basically.

Her first line of fabric,

Ginger Blossom

If you don't know Sandi, here's what you need to know. Creative. Seamstress. Fabric Designer. Artist. Mother. Vintage lover. Maker. Doer of good things. Crazy amazing. If you haven't seen her work, you might have seen it on your daughter's skirt. Or on your neighbor's quilt. Or at your local up-scale fabric store. She is one of those people with a really great story too:  Mother of 2 starts a business selling her children's clothing line and patterns, and naturally segways into fabric design (teaching herself all through her first line of designs) and now is making quite the name for herself in fabric and design.

See her

new book?

Loving it.

And besides all that great stuff...she is a really nice person. Don't you love nice people? She's a fun loving, great mama, beautiful person, and it was so great to spend time with Sandi in person.

Sandi's booth at Quilt Market

We all feel like we know each other from blogging, ya know?  We're all just behind a lot of screens, admiring each other's lives from behind a lot of computer monitors...supporting each other and rooting for each other from afar. But to connect in person...that's the ultimate.

Her latest fabric line,


It was so great to have her in our kitchen while we cooked, shared recipes, chatted and ate yummy food.  To find out our families are really similar...from the kinds of food we crave and make to our children's quirky tendancies...was really fun to discover too. We had also had lots to talk about in terms of art and fabric too...but I can't talk about that just yet...more on that later...and soon, very soon (wink, wink).

Images and tutorials from her new book

So this is what I'm thinking...all of this blogging love...just needs to happen in person more often. We (my husband that is) will be making a cinnamon apple tart with apricot glaze this weekend, wanna come over?