Halloween ideas.

I can't believe we are starting to think about Halloween here. Well, maybe I feel like I should be thinking about Halloween with how long it takes me to get costumes done.  I mean, every year I think valiant thoughts like, "This Halloween, I'm going to make my kid's costumes!" And then I realize I have to start so far in advance to make sure that they get done. But, what to do about the last minute requests like, "Oh, I really don't want to be a skeleton! I wanted to be a dragon!" And then my weeks of planning and sewing are in vain. Well, at least in my mind. I haven't yet actually sewed one...I always end up procrastinating or thinking that my kids will keep changing their minds, and so we end up making last minute trips to the store. And I vow to not do that again!

So while I sit and stew over this dilemma that happens every year (do I make the costumes or let the children pick them out at the store), enjoy these cute pictures of Halloween past. Notice: no Sponge Bobs, Bloody Vampires or Hannah Montanas. Kinda wishing I could whip up something as wonderful as that European clown in a cone hat. Kinda darling.

What do you do for Halloween? Hand sewn? Online purchase? Cardboard box and taped toiletpaper rolls? Do share. I'm a bit terrified of procrastinating again!