Book's you'll love: Dotty

With the theme of school starting, I have to introduce you to our family's favorite new book! I mean TRUE favorite. The kind of favorite that had my 5 year old sleeping with this book 2 nights in a row even though it kept poking her in the elbow when she slept. We're big fans.

Julia Denos has been a favorite new illustrator of mine. Personally, I think this book matches her brilliance. Dotty is a book about Ida's first day at school, and how she spends the school year with her imaginary friend Dotty...which is some kind of polka-dotted half-cow, half-lion, half-who knows what! She learns that most of the other kids in her class have imaginary friends too, but as the year wears on, they start to get too big and grown up for their pretend play mates, and Dotty finds herself trying to learn how to handle the fact that she still has one. The ending is so incredibly charming, and sent my children in complete justification for having their imaginary friends (we have Jason, Max and Sally come visit regularly to our house!)

But honestly....just look at the illustrations. Julia has reinvented this fresh vintage-y whimsical style that I appreciate so much. Her freshness and creative take on her characters matches the fun flair in the story. It's a perfect match!

I don't think I have ever read a picture book about imaginary friends. Honestly, I wish I had the idea first! But this is charming, and a PERFECT first day of school gift. I can't decide who likes it or my children. We keep fighting for who gets to read it next!

Happy first days of school to everyone!