Birthday Love.

So what does the husband of a gluten-intolerant gal do for his wife's birthday? Makes her a gluten-free cake of course.

And yes...he makes sushi too. Really good sushi! It was my best cake yet! (Notice the ginger rose? He's all fancy like that. I love him!)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. And for all the Mermaid love. There are more coming....but not for a bit. I'm days away from finishing the final art for the book, and so I'm still living in snow and Christmas trees. Rather odd for a hot July.

But just a reminder: This week, the shop is having a birthday sale. Today is the LAST day for the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Sale. So hurry on over!

Oh, and technical side note: If you are one of the many people who have been bugged that this blog was unsubscribable for a while, you can now subscribe and read this in your prefered Reader. Sorry for all the trouble.

Have a great weekend! And thanks again for all the love!