First things first.

We have a tradition in our family that sort of just happened by accident. When the babies turn 1 they are initiated into the world of chocolate. Ok, if you were to ask my husband, he'd whisper so that I can't hear and tell you he's been sneaking licks of cocoa since solid food started. But since I don't know that, the first birthday is a really fun moment.

Ella has never seen a cupcake before cross her high chair tray.

"Why are they taking pictures? This is no different than green beans and Cherrios!"

"Oh, wait. This is SO not green beans and Cherrios!"

"This is something else. What is this stuff?"

"Oh Ya. I'm sold. Being 1 is going to be so great."

"Oh Ya, Baby! Chocolate here I come!"

*Note to overly cautious parents: we don't feed our babies chocolate for breakfast. Just birthdays. Well, if you are my husband, for dinner when mom's not looking. No worries.