Books You'll Love: Kevin Hawkes

So, I need to tell you where I am at the moment. Well, I am here, at my computer of course. But I am in the middle of the FOR YOUNG READERS writing and illustrating week long course in Salt Lake City, Utah. Which basically translates to: I'm in heaven and I don't want to come back. My last post about having to balance family and creativity? This is one of those weeks where I get to feast on days mostly full of creativity, and I hope the meal lasts a long time! I'll share more about the experience soon, but before I do, I wanted to share some of the books I have come to love this week.

Kevin Hawkes is the illustration instructor that I have been so fortunate to spend 20 hours with this week, along with 12 other talented students who are just as hungry as I am for learning.He is a brilliant artist, father of 5, loyal New Englander and has a great sense of humor. It is really delightful to spend the week with someone who has spent over 20 years painting at home (in an open studio by the way....with kids around and all) who not only loves what he does, but is wonderfully successful.

So, if you are at the library or bookstore this week, you will LOVE THESE:

You may know him from this New York Best Seller. One of our family's favorites.

He wrote and illustrated these "Toddlah" books about a baby in Maine who is exceptionally large and all the funny ways to deal with raising him. My kids love it. They even say it with the accent, and it's delightful.

And, the sequel (which I was able to see in class, but won't come out until April 2011) is even more delightful:

Other books of his you will LOVE:

This is perfect for spring time and summer with all the butterflies out. My daughter slept with this book last night, she loved it so much.

This is  a wordless picture book which is really fun to spend time looking at. I love the colors!

You'll love the whimsicality in his illustrations and his attention to really fun details. Happy reading!