From the Archives: Golden Shoes.

This is a post from last year's Easter weekend. Moving has thwarted our festivities a bit, but The Country Bunny still remains a tradition.

This weekend we celebrated Easter, and it was our best yet. Easter egg hunts, cake decorating, a wonderful morning at church, candy eating, family gathering and really, really great memories.

One activity we did I think will turn into a yearly tradition: reading of "The Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes".

(If this book is new to you, here is the one sentence recap: A country bunny with 21 children to tend to, is able to maintain her status as one of the 5 Easter bunnies, because of her mothering skills in the home, and the extra help of a special pair of magical golden shoes. Message: As long as you always try your best, you will get the help you need to do great things.)

My children have read this before, and my husband and I grew up on this story. It is one of my ALL TIME favorites. But this year, we made it even more special.

On Easter Eve, we walked over to my Grandmother's house where she was waiting for us...ready to read her very own copy of this story (she is the Country Bunny to a "T"). She read it aloud in her own words (which we audio recorded) and then at the end, I pulled out a wrapped box with a real pair of golden shoes to hang up on the wall as a reminder of the amazing message in this book. The kids were tickled to think they had their very own pair to look at.

I wish I could have posted this before Easter, but was a last minute idea. I had bought a pair of old vintage toddler shoes at an antique store years ago, and I spray painted them gold. I laced them up with leather lacing, and VOILA. A family heirloom to pull out every Easter.

If you haven't ever read this book, you may be a bit confused. You need to go read is worth reading ANY time of the year!