Warming up.

This is the play by play at our house:

7:00 pm: Put the kids to bed.

7:30 Flop on the couch.

7:30:01 Feel the wave of exhaustion hit.

7:31 Snuggle my husband and chat pretending like the day is over.

7:50 Kiss him goodbye as he leaves to go work on the new house (tonight it was ripping up sicko-grosso bathroom flooring).

7:51 Ignore the pile of laundry and dishes.

7:52 Make myself some tea (tonight it was Bengal spice mixed with milk and honey)

8:00 Start drawing.

But since the exhaustion is still present from a day of crazy moving-ness, I warm up. A lot. And I love it. Because then I get excited like a little kid who gets to stay up all night and read. It's just me. On the couch. All night. Drawing. The book is nearly done...but I still spend time doodling to get my hands warm. And my eyes engaged. Here's highlights from tonight's warm up.  Nothing special...but the time I get to doodle with no references, no deadlines and no reasons always excite me. Like waking with no destination. It feels good.