Growing out.

Meet the cradle.

It is almost done with....for now. And I don't think it's has ever had a proper introduction.

When I was pregnant with Addie, I was gifted this handmade cradle from a dear family from back home. It was built by a dear friend of mine, painted white by my mother with a hand sewn skirt, and shipped out to her first grand-daughter Addie. I painted a lion (Aslan to be precise) laying in a garden of flowers,  just days before my first child was born. The Narnia books have always meant a lot to my husband and I, and this we felt represented so much of what we hoped for our little girl.

Since her birth, each of my babies have spent their first few months here. They have all loved being swaddled, and so it has done just fine. Ella is now over 8 months old, and is growing out of it quite quickly, but since we are just days away from moving....she will have to wait a bit more for her big girl crib. In the mean time, this cradle has served us so well and so I'm saying "Good-bye old friend. I hope to see you again some time soon."

It's my bit of magic in the nursery.