Turning your passion into a business.

Last month I was interviewed by "Babies and Moms" website, and was asked to talk about a favorite topic of mine: turning your passion into a business. I had a great time with Nancy Cajun, who has had many business successes herself with her company Sign Babies and now her Babies and Mom podcast. It was actually she who inspired me to get started when I heard her speak at a Startup Princess Seminar about turning an idea into a business....and I was so honored to now get to have her ask me questions!

I am on about 8 minutes into the podcast, and we are talking about how to make that passion of yours...that hobby that you can't stop doing...into a profitable business. I also get to share bits of my own personal story on how I got started....which is always so amazing that I got through those first few months (OH they were nuts!).  We also talk a good bit about balancing your creative passions while raising young children. These are great women I'm chatting with.

Anyways, tell me what you think! I'd really love to include more discussion of the business side of things here on the blog...but would love to know your interest.

Thanks for listening:)

You can listen here.