The gift of perspective.

It was painting time with the kids yesterday, and there were papers all over the floor to dry. "Let's hang these up all over the house, Mother!"

I love that she calls me Mother

"Sure. I'll cut the tape for you. Put them where ever you want."

She was giddy with excitement (as usual) to find the perfect spot for each of her masterpieces.

Minutes later, I went to my bedroom to feed the baby, and I looked across at my door, just a step away, and I saw this: taped up on my door at Addie's eye level, a masterpeice.

It was one simple brush stroke, maybe two, but some how (can you see it?) it is the face of a woman....with an almost DaVinci expression.

Ok. Let me help: I am being told it's not as easy to see as I thought. Thus my post on perspective:

Did she know? Could she see it? Did this face just appear from her genius, or was I, in the artistic mood of the day, looking for her face?

She is perfect, this face, and it was all with a swift brush stroke of a child. Age 4 almost 5. And it stole my breath away.

Spontaneous and miraculous beauty.

It is for me, the perfect gift of this Thanksgiving Holiday: Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Do you see the beautiful face, or is it just a splash of muddy green on paper?

It's all in how you look at it. And this weekend, I am grateful for the choice.

Enjoy your day of Thanks!