We're doin' fine.

Hello! Wow, thanks for all the congratulations! It has been a wonderful week.

There is nothing so wonderful as having a newborn: I am intoxicated by her smell, her floppy body that I can hold in one hand and her "meow's" and "coo's" and "squeaks." I am in love! We are adjusting fine, and let me tell you....my body is sure happy too! I have sexy ankles again. Well, ok. They sure seem skinny and wonderful after the 9 months I just went through. Anything is sexy after that!

I promise this blog isn't going to turn into a "look how cute my baby is" blog. I promise. But real quick: look how cute my baby is!

Thanks again for all your sweet emails and messages. Parenthood is wonderful, and has been just the reminder we have needed of what is most important and worth living for. Motherhood is bliss. It really is. My children are in love with their new sister which was apparent upon arriving from the hospital when Addie immediately gave her new sister her pillow, blankie and her favorite doll. "Sisters share, Mom. That is just what they do." These are precious moments.

I'll be back with updates on the shop and when I plan to reopen. We'll be ready soon!