Miracle of Miracles.

(Baby Ella Jane, 4 hours old)

She's here!!!!

Baby Ella Jane came first thing Monday morning, and I am completely in love with our bundle of heaven. She is perfect in every way with chubby cheeks, the most kissable mouth, the most elegant fingers (complete with fingernails as you can see by her left cheek:) and the sweetest "meows" and "coos" that melt me like honey. Our children' are in love with her too, and I guess you could say we're in heaven and already can't imagine life without our Ella.

We are doing very well, and look forward to the adjustment to 3 children to play with. So far, so good! Motherhood is bliss.

Thanks again for all your wonderful thoughts, emails and well wishes!

Off to nibble and kiss and snuggle, and maybe throw a needed cat nap in....


A very happy Sarah Jane