Illustration intensive.

Still here! Barely. I'm feeling rather like a swollen tomato ready to pop at any moment. I go to bed every night wondering if tonight is the night...but no baby yet. Funny how she nearly came 3 weeks ago, and yet we're still here!

This week I have been able to attend the fantastic BYU illustrators and writers for young readers conference. WOW. It has been a week long (8am-5pm) intensive workshop/seminar that has given me so much inspiration and motivation to go more into children's books. I have been able to meet with editors from Random House, Bloomsbury and Harper Collins who been great mentors and teachers this week. Not to mention the fantastic authors and illustrators who are motivating me to get more involved in the world of children's literature and art.

The best part has been the workshop I have been able to be a part of every morning for 4 hours with instructor Will Terry. Will is a very accomplished illustrator for children's books, and he has really helped me to get a better understanding of how art is applied to children's books; a very different world then in design or gallery art. And most of that 4 hours has been used to draw and create...a very nice present before baby comes when I will need to take a break for a while!

So, I am still here....with posts lacking due to my body being very focussed right now on other things besides me. Baby is taking most of my energy, and I can't wait to meet this little person who gets all the attention at the grocery store and in long lines. She's a big one she is!

Maybe next post will be an announcement??? Stay tuned.