Happy Site Friday: LobotoME

My 9 month pregnant brain has needed a whole lot of help lately. I feel like my brain is mush, and I can't keep it all in order. Well, that is my excuse at least!

LobotoME (Pronounced Lo-Bot-Oh-Me) came into my life a few months ago, and wow. Things have changed. I have tried LOTS of stuff to keep myself and my home in order, but these are my new sanity.


I lost my LIST ME notepad last week, and I have been a wreck! I use Google Docs and Google Calendar for my business needs, but what about when I am not on the computer, then what?

My favorites are the LIST ME, FEED ME, FIT ME (not now....but I know when this baby comes I will be so excited to use this!) and the Weekly Calendar which magically has a place for all these things in one place. It's Genius.

It's a great system....perfect for the mom at home trying to keep it all together. They are so simple, and seem to follow the way my brain works!

LobotoME even has a great blog with tips on staying on top of it all. THANK YOU!!!!

These are the kinds of things that keep my happy during the week. Happy Friday!