Happy Friday.

Our PC computer has been slowing dying since April 1st. We have hoped it would live long and prosperously, but alas, it gave out this morning completely. A moment of silence please.

But this new addition has been on the "we need to save for this" list and well, she came a bit early due to the circumstances. But oh, is she beautiful.

I am a really happy girl. Especially because we got it for a dreamy price. Too good to be true. I love Mac stores.

And thank you all for your honest comments and feedback with the last post. It is a challenge to get across what you want to when there are so many sensitive factors and issues. Articulating those issues is a challenge for sure! But I hear a lot of grumpy complaining about the topic of copying, and I wanted to post about how there are enough walls in the world for everyones art. Thanks for the chat:)