A handful of good things. Mostly.

Hello Friends!

Feeling a bit strange these days.

Lots going on and not going on:

Getting ready for the Beehive Bazaar on Thursday.

Sold our home last weekend.

House hunting in our spare moments.

Signed on a house today (cross our fingers it goes through!)

Hired a new hand to do my printing while I get ready for baby.

Computer crashed last week.

Getting to know my new Mac.

But Mac doesn't like my printers.

Internet still down and funky.

(if I owe you an email, so sorry for the wait!)

31 weeks pregnany and feeling the burn!

Working on special creative projects which are keeping me sane.

Enjoying spring. Spring makes it all OK!

So, if you have been wondering where I have been,

now you know where I am hiding!

Life is full. Full but good.

I'll be in and out this week.

Thanks for checking in!