Mischief Managed.

Dear Ian,

I think that God made you absolutely beautiful for a reason. Like yesterday when you sneaked an entire bag of baking flour into your crib and ate it until you fell asleep leaving "dough" clumps all over you and your bedding...or this morning when you managed to find the same sack of flour again and dump it all out onto the floor and freshly cleaned laundry...or later today when you decided to play "cat" and dumped the entire box of Grape Nuts all over mommy's bed and pretended it was cat food and I found you licking it up and spreading it all over the room with your 'paws' ... all I could do was notice how incredibly scrumptious you are. Why do little boys get away with so much? Because they are so much more darling than they are mischievous! Next time, please just give me a little warning when you are feeling extra clever...it would have been nice to have an empty vacuum!