The Art of Business.

I never intended to go a week without posting. It just happened. Thanks for checking in while I was out.

This past friday I spent the entire day with really talented, and creative people. Women entreprenuers (most who are in the 'start-up' phase) all gathered for this fabulous Start Up Princess event called TOUCHPOINT in Salt Lake City, UT. It was wonderful to be so enlightened and educated in an environment that was focused on WOMEN in business. Cause let's be honest...girls are a whole lot different than guys in this field:) I met so many great people with GREAT ideas and GREAT businesses. I met Jodi with Baby Bambu, Rebecca with Cap trappers, Chantelle with Zoom concierge services, I met the talented Ashely from Isabella's umbrella. I met Kelly who markets her husband's art just to name a few.

After this meeting, I felt motivated to discus in my blog some more of the "business" aspects of what I do...not because I have oodles of knowledge, but I find that there are so many 'unspoken' and 'behind the scenes' with how to start a business selling your craft. And from the readership I know about, I know a lot of you have ETSY shops, or want to get started with something similar.

And if I learned anything from the all day conference on Friday, it is networking and connecting is that greatest way to learn! In the beginning, when I was starting my ETSY shop, I would email people doing what I wanted to do, and what I thought was 'harmless' info that I needed, was almost like held secrets for others. I am of the philosophy that there is enough success to go around in this world. So, why not share and support each other in the mean time? I felt so supported from the other women on Friday who seem to be facing similar problems and who have similar motivations and goals.

So, I am adding a new section to my blog called "A bit of biz." And that is what they will be. Bits. Cause that is all I know right now. Just bits. But, so far they work for me, so I thought I would share:)