Thursday Auction for Nie.

The past week I have been so affected by the Nielson family, and the tragic situation they find themselves in. I am sure you have heard by now...but if you haven't, Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian were in a tragic plane crash last week in Arizona which killed the pilot and left Stephanie and Christian in critical condition at the Maricopa Burn Center. They are both in a chemical induced coma while Christian sustains third degree burns on 30% of his body, and Stephanie sustains burns on over 80%. They are likely to be in sedation for months, while their 4 children (all under the age of 5) are living with family in Utah. The expenses are expected to be in the millions, and it seems everyone in the blogosphere world is committed to contributing. Stephanie wrote an extremely poplular blog Nie Nie Dialogues" which I have to admit, I had never heard of until this accident. But I wish I had. Or I am glad I have now. She graciously invited people into her well dressed yet humble abode, expressing her love of life, creativitiy, children, and family. I just know that if I new her, we would be kindred spirits.

But until I do get to meet this awesome family, they need your help.

Design mom is posting a Gift certificate to my shop for the auction on Thursday (the formally declared Nie Nie Day) so visit there to bid on a generous gift certificate. But since I can't hold back...I want to do a separate silent auction here.

This is how it will work:

I am auctioning off my FULL set of calender prints. I will start the Bid at say, $10. I will then let you all place your bid in the comments section of the post. Keep checking the last bid made in the comments section, and If someone bids higher than you, go ahead and place another and another, until Sunday at 9pm MST I will close the auction. The final bidder will pay the money to the Neilson Fund.

I don't even know these people, but I can't help but do something about it. One of my best friends went to school with Stephanie and her siblings, so I do know that Stephanie is only 2 years younger than I am and with 4 children...I just can't even imagine the emotional costs going on. But the amazing thing, as I am reading her sister Jane's account (who has taken all 4 children in her home and is documenting the families progress) their faith in Jesus Christ is so solid. They know that God is watching out for their family, and that their family has a divine plan. I am so relieved to know of their complete commitment to God and to each other.

So, come by on Thursday and bid! Check out Design Mom as well for another auction for my shop as well. And most of all...pray for their family. And pray for all families. Separation at any level is so challenging...and I am determined to stick by mine. See you Thursday!