I am sending my baby off to school.

Or at least that is what it feels like. Ironic, that my last Monthly print is finishing in September, just in time for school to start. Is she really done? Has she really been with me a year? So much has happened this year, and it is all coming to this dramatic finish for me. Well...I'm not finished, but this set is, and I am not really sure how I feel about it.

I have to be honest with you. My October in Polka-dot wellies was never intended to be more than just that. People just liked her so much, I got email after email saying "Are you going to make a whole Calendar set?" I am really honest when I tell you that I had no intention of making one! I just really love the month of October, and that just happened to be the month that I opened my shop. So, I answered back to all those emails saying, "Sure!" And I have loved the journey.

This series is so revealing of my journey as an artist this year as well. You will notice, that these girls aren't exactly the same in each monthly print. Some have said that they don't think they are all the same girl...and some say they are. I will leave that up to you. In some prints she seems taller, or her hair seems straighter, etc. But really, it is even more revealing of my favored technique at the time. There is a consistency, but there are a lot of inconsistencies as well, which I hope you find a bit endearing. I do.

So here we have "Month by Month" for girls. And because I am so sentimental over this parting, I will also announce, that I am making the very same set for BOYS!! Starting in October, of course. I am really excited, and I have a feeling there will be some really fun moments with this one as well.

So, now the entire year is up for sale in the shop. I have deliberated over the price for a while...I really believe in making all my work affordable. SO, it may seem like a lot to offer the whole set at $200, but it ends up being a savings of $88 total. And, for those of you who have been buying the monthly prints as they come (you know who you are!) I am reminding you that August and September's prints are on me! (as well as a few extras:) If you haven't contacted me about that, please send me off an email with your ETSY name and email, so I can look up your orders and address and I will send your prints on their way!!

And, coming soon...in a few days/weeks (or what ever my children allow) will be some really great stationery featuring this year's set as well as a calendar!

And again, thanks to all of you for all your support! I will be writing more about my journey over the past year...this post isn't intended for that. But I can't place this last print up for sale without saying THANK YOU! Really...here is a e-hug from moi!