Summer Days.

Oh the lazy days of summer. What would I do without them!

Hello! I have been away from blogging and internet in general, and folks, I highly recommend it! I am in North Carolina with my family soaking up the beaches, and I am telling you, this is therapy at its best! We have been getting tons of rain, and quite a few violent thunderstorms...the kind that require hot cocoa and a few board games wrapped in a blanket. Where we are I don't have cell phone reception, very little internet reception, and we have even had a few power outages which frankly have been so romantic. Eating dinner and going to bed by candlelight is my kind of summer evening.

Speaking of rainy days, good thing I brought tape, paper, scissors and plenty of coloring tools. We have been spending many a afternoon with paper creations. If I was home though, I would be making these: have you been keeping track of all her at-home-projects? So perfect for those rainy days (these projects take a little planning, but I can't wait to try them with the kids!)

Hope you are all enjoying some good doses of summer. It takes a lot for me to indulge in lazy-go-with-the-flow days, but I will tell you it does wonders for the busy mom.

I will be back soon! Most likely after I get home and into real life. Right now, I am convinced that real life should require more "lazy days" than it has in the past. Oh thank goodness for Lazy Days!