Ahoy there!

Ahhhhh....we're back! Hello! How are you! I have missed catching up with all y'all. Ok, yes, I spent a week in the South....and LOVED it!!! I grew up in Maryland, right outside of DC, and my family is still there which means I don't get to see them much (boo hoo cry) but even worse, my parents don't get to see their grandkids much (boo hoo CRY!!!!!). So, we just had the best week EVER! Instead of hanging around my parents' house, we decided to hang around our favorite East coast beach location: Corolla, NC. Any of you OBX people? OBX= Outer Banks. There is a strip of sand (ok...land) off the coast of North Carolina that is at some points no more than a few hundred yards wide. One side is the ocean, the other side is called the "sound." So essentially, you are never more then a few steps away from water anywhere you go. HEAVEN!!!

Here are a few favorite pics:

kisses all three

my surfer babe husband

by surfer BABE

Addie in a rainstorm that took the power out

My sister, Mom and I

View of the Corolla light house

yummy fresh seafood

Oh, and that picture of the crab has a story: Kenneth and I picked up some live crab at a fish market down the street and steamed up crab for a lovely dinner. My whole family sat around the table cracking away. Addie, who had never seen any one EAT a crab (they had been playing with toy crabs at the beach) saw Kenneth devouring this thing. "Daddy! Why are you cracking that crab's head!!!!" She panicked. Oh, that was a hard moment:)

Virginia is for lovers!

Reading prose as dusk.

On the way home from NC, Kenneth and I took the kids for an afternoon in Williamsburg. Gorgeous. With the kids, we couldn't do much more than walk around outside, talk with the locals (actors in period costumes) and douse ourselves in ice cream (Virgina+July= HOT!) But, oh we had a blast. My kids were so reluctant to say goodbye to Nani and Papa! As was I. Oh, and did I mention I had no cell phone reception and very little internet reception? It takes being without to realize how much you spend your day WITH!! I highly recommend going on a internet diet every now and again. Seriously, after a week without, and then going to Colonial Williamsburg, I am seriously thinking about moving to Amish country. Ok, I think I like my computer too much! But oh it was nice!!

Well, I can't wait to catch up with you all, and sorry for any delayed emails! I am back and rolling!

xoxo, sarah jane