Ok. It's official. I am going on vacation. Not just any vacation. Hawaii. 2 weeks. No email. No computer. Husband's orders.

My husband's family is cramming all together in a 2 week vacation on the beach. I am more than ecstatic. My mother's side of the family has lived in Hawaii since the early 30's. So my roots are deep there. But this is a first for my husband's side, and I can't wait!

But this translates into a few things:

Shop will be closed June 10th -June 23rd.

This is the longest break I have ever taken.
(In my 7 month career on ETSY).

But it is much needed.

Sometimes I wish I was like these dear artists who have a lot more time on their hands to make make make. But then I pinch myself and realize that my time is filled with diapers, dressups, tantrums, tickles, messes, lullabies and kisses and I wouldn't have it any other way! My time to be creative is limited to a couple hours a week (which is not enough for my art brain that doesn't ever shut off!). But though I wish I had creative time everyday, I would be wishing my truest joy away: being a mom.

Everyone needs breaks from the go-go-go of real life. Charging the battery is key. Being truly alive is everything. Breathing and listening is vital to any scheduled day.

So, folks. There are just a few more days to order before I leave for two weeks. If you have been itching to get something, my last day at the post office is on Monday June 9th.

Oh, and a lot of you have been dying to see my studio...well, I drew a picture of it for you above. Isn't it cute?? My bike is parked on the side and you can borrow it while I am gone. Just bring it back.