Battles and Bridges.

Still here. Heading out soon, and wishing I was there already.

Found this last year, and forgot about it until today. We all have these thoughts. Well, at least I do, and I am in constant change and motion as an artist and person that I sometimes fall into these traps. You? Call it the perfectionist in me fighting with the free spirit in me. They go to battle every once in a while (ok...a lot). Who wins? Who ever I allow.

OK, so can you tell I have had a hard battle this week? The hardest part is recognizing these mean evil ideas that creep in and having the confidence to push them away. Or in some cases, when they really don't want to leave and it seems like they are setting up camp in your brain, burning their villages down. These thoughts are ALWAYS a trap, and I have to admit that I fall in more than I would like to. This week's battle, I think Mr. Free spirit won. I hope.

Enjoy your weekend!

PS: found on Keri Smith's illustration/author blog. She posted this last year. You will find lots more deep/humorous thoughts on her blog. Enjoy!