I love you DeGeega.

We have a word specialist in our house. Addie. She makes up words. She learns words really fast too. Like, museum, stethescope, delectible, exhausted. She says these words in context, and pronounces them perfectly. She has always been our word girl.

Have you ever said "I love you" and recieved the response "I love you more?" Well, we say it all the time in our house, and it turned into a game really....

"I love you more."
"I love you MORE"

"I love YOU more"
"I LOVE you more."

It never ends, and no one can really win, can they? Addie figured it out.

She finally blurted out..."I love you DA GEEGA" (da-gee-ga).
"What does Da Geega mean?"
"It means lots and lots and lots."

She won. She wins every time. So now, when she says "I love you Mama and Dad," and we resond, "We love you more!" she will always reply, "I love you Da Geega." Can't top that, can you? But then really, no one can top anything she is. She is just the most fun I have ever had. I love you, Addie. (More than 'Degeega', but I won't tell her that:)

PS: thank you so much for all your wonderful input below! I just love hearing what you have had to say, and it is really helpful for me! I am still deciding, but I have decided to make the chalkboard print into some darling bookplates. Still deciding on the rest, but I have a pretty good idea! Thank you guys! You are the best!

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