A small...

Wow. This is just really cool for me to announce that I have my very first magazine publication! I have been itching to show you these new drawings for a while now! But I swore to secrecy until the Spring edition of SMALL MAGAZINE came out. And, well....it just came out!

I was asked to do some drawings based on clothing and teasets that editor Olivia gave me, and oh I just felt like a kid again! You know...setting up the clothes for your dolls, finding the "right" location for your picnic and getting the favorite tea set out.

Thanks Olivia for letting me take a stroll down memory lane. I hope you like them! And the best part of all, is I get to share these prints with you and keep them in my ETSY shop!
These prints will be available Monday morning.

Each one is great individually, but you will notice that some of them are good as a set, or match very well other prints that are in my shop right now. You might even recognize the bunny that keeps reappearing!

So, thank you Olivia for being so great to work with! I can't wait to go play tea now with my kids. Ian actually likes to play as well. (He got a play sushi kit for Christmas and likes to have pertend miso soup and herb tea:) Oh how I love children!