A little of this and that.

Is it actually happening? Look close. Really close. Wait! I think I see it!!! I think it might actually be the start of spring!

This winter has been the snowiest ever (thank goodness...I can't handle brown winters) but it has meant a lot of COLD.

So, here is to new spring. New life. New mud (for the boys of course) andwind and rain blowing away any chill that has the guts to stick around any longer.

Addie has loved the March wind. On saturday while we were out running errands, she said "Oh Daddy! Hold me tight! If I blow away you will miss me!"
I about died of a love attack in my heart. I love these children.

And speaking of love.

My mother got to wake up to this the ONE day she was here visiting last week. 7 am never felt so good.

Speaking of good things...I am finished with my batch of new designs for the next couple weeks. Here is what is NEW in the shop.

I am pretty tickled at how incredibly cute these invitations are. I just love them! I don't always LOVE the stuff I post...I am my worst critic. But these just make me so happy.

And these new prints are slight variations from the ones featured in SMALL MAGAZINE. These look better in print than the ones that I posted in the online magazine. Amazing the difference between what is on your screen and what is in your hand.

But between you and me...I am ready to go play some more in the mud with my kids. Ian counted to 3 today, Addie wanted to go to a breakfast ball this morning (she wanted a Ball, I wanted her to eat breakfast, so we compromised by eating scrambled eggs with paper crowns) and they both are just so snuggly! Happy days.