Speaking to at Quilt Bliss

In less than 2 weeks, I'll be a keynote speaker at my first ever sewing conference. I've spoken to sewers before, but never for a 90 minute presentation. And I'm so excited! (And nervous...but who wouldn't be!)

Quilt Bliss is taking place in Timber Moose Lodge  (biggest private log cabin in the USA) and is sure to be an amazing retreat with plenty of inspiration, R&R and rejuvenation!

Individual classes are sold out, but day passes are still available.

Will you be attending Quilt Bliss? I'd love to know if you are! I'll be sure to share all about it when it's through!

See you there! xoxo

Coastal Living

coastal living blog

I was browsing through Instagram the other night, and someone I follow posted about this feature in Coastal Living Magazine featuring my Nautical Map Fabric! Funny how we hear through the grapevine now-a-days.

I snatched up an issue, and I love this feature!

And while I honestly wish I was showing you this issue because that was really me on the front cover and living coastal, I thought this feature was pretty swell!

Did you know that I have oversized prints of my Nautical map? I love it. It's in my sons' bedroom now, and it's a favorite of mine. 

Thanks Coastal Living!

World Wide Windows

My mom took a day trip to London yesterday (my dad was just admitted into Oxford University, so they were there visiting) which was perfect timing to see the Ralph Lauren windows at Bond Street in London! Gosh. I wish so bad I could be there in person. It's such a gorgeous building!

(I asked my mom for a souvenir but all she could find were outfits more expensive than my stroller:) So fancy Schmancy. I love it.)

What a fancy little trip, and I just love seeing all your candid pics in front of the windows!

I'm starting to get instagrams and emails with people visiting the window displays around the world, and I can't wait to see yours!

If you are planning on bing in New York City, Chicago, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong this Christmas, don't be shy, and take your pic  in front of the window display!

{Click here for a list of stores}


I would love to have a little collection...especially since I don't even know what the set up is in the other stores besides New York and London.

So do share! You can facebook, instagram, or email. 

Happy Christmas!



Pregnancy & Newborn

Layout 1 So I'm on the home stretch with my pregnancy, and things have been hit and miss. I have preterm labor tendencies, so some weeks are totally fine, and others I'm down and out. It's a balancing act for sure! For me, pregnancy is actually harder than the newborn stage. At least then I can bend down and pick up my floor with a baby on my hip. Inside the belly, not so much. Just trying to keep baby inside is work enough! :)

Layout 1

Speaking of Pregnancy, can you spot a Sarah Jane art print up there? I got a little lovely piece of mail this morning! Thought this was so nice. Thanks Pregnancy and Newborn for featuring this print in your June issue! It's an older piece, and a favorite in fact. Now that my kids are learning French, I should totally do more of these.

I always love seeing which prints people claim as their favorites. I love getting to know people by what art they like. Do you ever do that? Notice what art people have on the walls, or pin on Pinterest to get to know them better? I do. It's like knowing what books are on a persons night stand.  Although, I have Three Little Pigs on my nightstand because I have a certain toddler who likes my bed more than hers.....

I digress.

But not really.

Good art makes for good conversation. Always. Which is why I think I love creating art for children so much. I love starting a conversation from producing something that I'm feeling or thinking about.

Which reminds me...back to the drawing table today. So much to do, so little time!

Have a lovely, lovely day everyone!



Around the world and web this week

Ooooooh. I love weekends.Especially today, because it's really feeling like Spring is here! And this week, looking back, there  has  been some really diverse and special online action that I wanted to share with you! Mostly cause I think you'd really be interested. I don't share a lot of what happens out there in the web here in this space, but this week really caught my eye.


First off, this adorable nursery is featuring basically everything you can imagine from the Out to Sea collection.

Not just the fabric, but she used the free templates I offered, a few Blog Tour patterns, you name it. It's adorable! And she's giving away a free Sarah Jane print. You for sure want to sign up! I haven't had a giveaway in a while (hmmmmm....that could be fun!) but there is a small pool that I'd love to see beef up a bit to show support for this incredibly creative space. And you could get a free print out of it! Horray!

Click here to enter the giveaway! Ends in 4 days.



Next up is this amazing story of a mom and her daughter Charlotte who has been battling the trial of terminal brain cancer. Diagnosed at 3 months, she was given 3 months to live. But she's now over 2 years old, and such a fighter! This mom has been making quilts to auction off in order to raise funds for the Brain Cancer Research at Duke University, which is where she is treated. This quilt is already sold (darn!) but she's posting a quilt a week, and all funds go to support the people who are helping Charlotte, and other children with Cancer, fight the fight.

This part of her post brought tears to my eyes. Her whole room is decked out in Children at Play fabric, and she tells her little girl:

"Charlotte, right now, you're the one riding the pink elephant..."

"But one day, baby, you'll be the little girl who is waving the flags with both arms up."

How sweet is this little champ? Love this sweet angel.

Click here to check out her amazing quilts. 

And here to visit the post about her darling Children at Play room.


3) News Feature on Art for Kid's Rooms 


This week also, my 3 Chairs Print was featured in a Canadian news station in Toronto, City Line, where they were talking about art for kid's rooms that keep things interesting and creative. It's a great post! Check it out. Lots of great art to inspire your children when they are daydreaming in their room. You can see the blog post here. Thanks City Line!


4) Country Living FeatureScreen shot 2013-03-14 at 9.36.06 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 9.36.06 PM Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 9.36.14 PM


And lastly, remember this DIY project from, oh, maybe 5 years ago? It feels like yesterday that I had my toddlers on my lap making this project to keep them entertained on one of those crazy "mommy" days. I needed to do something with ALL the art they loved to make, and this seemed like the perfect solution. These templates have been circling the web for ages, but Country Living Magazine picked up this idea and shared it this week with their online readers! It's making me nostalgic. But regardless, it's a great little DIY. Click here to see the other ways to feature your kids art, and click here to download the templates for the project! 


Wasn't that fun? I love what I do, but getting such diverse feedback....from art prints on a news station to supporting a toddler with cancer to sharing how to be creative with your kids....and decking out a new nursery....I sometimes take a step back and just feel so blessed to interact with some really amazing people and meet so many of you who are able to use my art to share the love even more. Thank you!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I have a lot of projects that I want to share with you....stuff you can make, and create with....so stay tuned!

And Happy St. Pat's!  We're corned beef and cabbage people...but just once a year:)



Spotted: CWkids


Well, spring IS around the corner. I honestly can't wait. I spent the day with the windows open, digging out closets and rearranging furniture. Best feeling ever!

Here's a dress that a reader sent over to me from CWKids.  She saw this in their catalog, and I'm so glad she told me! It's darling. And for you non-sewers, this is a great way to get some of my fabric ready to go. Such a sweet spring dress!

And speaking of spring dresses....since when did Easter creep up so fast! Yikes! Time to start thinking of Easter dresses. I'll know what I'm having by then too. I can't wait!

Are you making dresses this spring? Or buying? I'd love to see your ideas!