Time to pre-order Lola Dutch When I Grow Up!

12 more days and Lola Dutch When I Grow Up will be hitting shelves or coming to your doorstep!

We are honored to have had such a lovely response so far! The message of this book is near and dear to our hearts, and we know it will be for you too.

Lola can’t decide what she wants to be, but learns that because she can be ANYTHING…she just need to stay curious and learn about EVERYTHING.

Curiosity is a theme in this book series, and Lola inspires us all to stay curious!

So, for all you who have chosen to pre-order, we have a HUGE “Curiosity Kit” filled with activities, games, inspiration and fun for your kids o explore along side Lola! Make sure you follow the instruction HERE and submit your proof of purchase so you can get yours! But hurry, pre-order entries end on Jan 14th!


Thank you so much for all of you who have been so enthusiastic along side us! Stay on the daily journey with us on Instagram and Facebook and Lola’s very own Instagram here!

See you on the 15th!