Lola Dutch Series: Curiosity

Lola Dutch Creativity Quote

Lola Dutch comes out in 20 days, but this character and story was conceived long ago! The Lola Dutch stories were born out of a deep, deep desire to share the incredible tools children receive when they grow and develop their curiosity! When a child is curious, and are allowed the space to think and ask questions and discover, they naturally turn to creativity and hands on learning...which turns into a passion for life...and develops into a confidence in their abilities to overcome anything ...which leads to problem solving, out-side-of-the-box thinking, compassionate and capable, brilliant adults!

Curiosity leads to creativity, and creativity leads to more curiosity!

It's an amazing cycle that children NEED in this modern world more than ever. Sometimes it's hard for me to let the messes happen at home, to be OK with the kids opening up the sewing box to try something new on their own...and while there needs to be boundaries of course, a child'd curiosity can easily die. And it usually dies with us having good intentions. Because, well, it's easier not to open up the flour bin and find out what happens when you mix flour and water together.

Lola Dutch dives right into this with passion and 20 days!!! And to support the curious and creative readers, we've created a CREATIVITY KIT that will be emailed to you when you pre-order the book and submit your receipt before Jan 29th at More on that in other posts...for now, you can order where ever books are sold!