Stephanie Nielson's Home Tour: Wallpaper

It's not every day that you are in a home that makes you feel completely alive. Stephanie Nielson of Nie Nie Dialogues is a dear friend of mine and lives in my town, and I was so thrilled when she wanted to use my wallpaper to decorate her kids' spaces. 

With 5 kids, she has a girl's room and a boy's room with built in bunks that are just charming. She chose the pink Wander Woods and the green Summer Ride, which are two of my favorites, and fit in perfectly with her paint colors and decor. 

I have loved the process of creating wallpapers and wall decals for kids. These wallpapers are unique in that they are made of fabric, so they are strong and resilient, and are actually peel and stick for easy application and easy removal. When you are done, you can take it down, and use it in another space! I've gotten about 4-5 uses out of mine as I've moved them around to various spots in my home. And it makes for the perfect touch of detail when you don't want to make a huge commitment in your home or for your kids! 

Stephanie knows how to bring her children's spaces to life, and add so much whimsy. Even though her oldest is edging on her teenage years, there is still so much magic and innocence which I just love. 

Stephanie's home was featured in the TODAY SHOW at TODAY.COM and you can see the rest of the pictures of here home here. Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulot and Styling by Veronica Olsen

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your home with us, and inspiring us all with your beautiful home! 

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