Blogging Again Soon

Hello! I'm peeking in to say hello, and let you know I am here, alive and well, and still very active in all things Sarah Jane! I stopped blogging for a spell kind of on accident...a gentle mix of winter ills, deadlines, post holiday slump and instagram taking the roll of communicating the stuff that's going on behind the scenes.

But also, because I'm building a new website, and a new blog, shop, etc. and You always feels funny to update your old space while you're building a new one!

But I wanted to come on in and say hello, hope you are still here, and let you know that I'm planning on keeping the blog up but more so when I get the new site up at the end of the month! A perfect spring clean:)

I can't wait to show you the new site, which will be so wonderful so see so much more all in one place.

Thanks guys!


Photography by the lovely Chaunte Vaughn