Monday, Monday.

So, I've looked through  my blog posts as of late, and I realized two things: This blog isn't sporting much photography or art lately!

Which is really ironic, because all I do is spend time with my children all day, and in evenings, all I do is design and illustrate!  But then I remembered:

1) My camera is dying. Yes. A slow miserable death. And a replacement is not in the picture right now...well, the camera that I have been trying to save up for at least. So, thus the lack of photography. It pains me, because I really love taking pictures.  And it's Christmas! It's very sad. I've got to fix that problem, and soon!

2) I've been illustrating up a storm, but nothing I am illustrating and designing I can show you! I hate that I have to be so secretive. But it's part of the job.  I've been busy busy getting fabric designs finished, and working on other book ideas, etc. My sketchbooks are full to the brim! But I found a little snippet that showed up in my sketchbook a few pages back. Balloons are on my mind right now.

Well, happy monday, and I'm back to drawing, drawing, drawing! Oh, and there are some great giveaways this stay tuned!