Lots of love.

This week has been awesome. Full. Busy. Crazy. Wonderful. Sentimental. Magical.

I'm realizing it's Wednesday and I've not even visited the blog to stop in and say hi! Well, I have a few good reasons.

First. The stomach flu. Have you had it yet? It started with the baby, and has been passing itself very generously up the line. Thank you, stomach flu. We've had enough, and you can go home now.

Second. Weddings. My husband's baby sister (well, not so baby at 25) is getting married this week! She's in for a gorgeous white, winter wedding. We're so happy for her and her husband-to-be is just as great. Our kids are big fans of them both, and as they live close to us, we have been so lucky to watch their friendship turn into this! Weddings are wonderful, aren't they?

Here are some engagement pics by Tara B. Photography. Aren't they a darling couple?

Third: On the wedding theme, Kenneth and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary this week too! In fact, on his sister's wedding day. I've been thinking so much about her wedding, that I've nearly forgotten the significance of our own 10 years!!! It's seriously amazing to have this:

turn to this:

and this:

I won't spend time gushing here, but I'm so lucky to be married to my very best, best friend. So, so lucky!