You really need to be here.

Last year I participated in the Beehive Bazaar. Possibly the coolest place in Utah for picking up retro, handmade, classic, funky, amazing stuff for you and everyone you feel like spoiling this christmas. really. you are in for the biggest decision making moments of your life. Like, "Do I want this amazing necklace or do I get the retro apron instead?" Or "If I get both, do I have enough cash to get this killer print for my boys room?" Be ready for serious dilemmas. And be early. There will be a line no doubt before opening. I didn't participate this year for which my husband kissed me a million times over for (these kinds of bazaars require many sleepless nights to get ready for) but I warn you...if you go, you won't be disappointed!

Some of my favorite artists will be there. One of which is the maker of this cat. Will someone please buy her up? Do you remember these? My kids have one each...and they are attached at the hip with these blastoid cats. Susan has ONE MORE in her shop...and if no one grabs her, I am so tempted to adopt another. But I really shouldn't. 2 is even. 3 in the house would only cause a fight. Been there. no good.

See you at the bazaar. I am going to be there bright and early!