Motherhood Moment: Get Down

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I'm so amazed how a little reminder like this in my day can completely transform my mothering. Motherhood can so easily be filled so with heaviness and exhaustion. Responsibility over these little people, coupled with the unnatural pace of life and a twist of undue pressure from our online culture...we can easily feel like throwing the towel in at the littlest explosion at home. Often by only 8:30 am. 

Today, take a moment and be little. Get on their level, and connect. See the wonder in what they see and notice how much of your focus goes to what matters most. And to Joy. Motherhood is full, but it is sprinkled in so many moments of joy as we get down, connect and see from their amazing perspective. Suddenly the messes and to-list becomes secondary.

For me, I feel connected to my calling to keep these moments alive for both them and me. I can be the keeper of the flame. Being present with them, and in the moment with them, keeps me centered to this amazing work. And goodness, so much happier. 

Get down:) 


Sarah Jane


motherhood moment

My main focus here at SARAH JANE has been "Creating Magical Childhood." I use that phrase a lot, and when I'm creating products or designs, I'm tapping into my feelings and passion towards this place in childhood that means so much to me: both as a mother and as a person who was once a child myself. Inspiring memories, places and feelings that we can all relate to, and want to give to our children. 

As a mother with 4 children myself, I've come to realize a few things that are key to cultivating this thing called magical childhood. Motherhood, for instance, isn't always magical. In fact, it can be just plain hard. As mothers we are bombarded with the forever long to-do lists, the should's and must's, the perpetual messes, the cooking cleaning, doctor visits and homework, topped off with sleepless nights and maybe a full-time job on the side, and it's not looking so romantic, right? 

But in my  own journey of motherhood, centered womanhood and quest towards simplified and magical childhood, I've found that there are simple things that bring us back to the awareness that motherhood is truly magical. Which is is, and we all know it is:) Sometimes we just all need simple triggers to get us in that mindset. 

Social media, social pressures and information overload can overwhelm us with all the stuff we need to do, buy, and have to be an amazing mother, and give our children an amazing childhood. 

But in my 12 years of mothering topped with a full time creative business at home, I've learned through major trial and error it's not about the big things we do, or the toys we buy or even the list that got checked off that makes us happy as mothers. It's about the simple moments that connect us to our children. When we truly SEE them, and they feel our complete awareness. 

Today, have you truly connected with one of your children today? A one-on-one moment where you were present with them either while playing, or snuggling, or reading or talking? As you take 5 minutes today and focus in on one child, being aware of where your mind is while you are with attention: are you truly present? Can you smell their skin? Are you seeing their eyes? Are you listening and learning? In those minutes, connect. Your heart will center and any feelings of distraction will fall away. And they will feel it. It will serve you both. Motherhood will feel magical again. 


sarah jane