Well, now that Quilt Market is over, and we are getting ready for the MAGIC fabric to ship starting in July, I am preparing my BLOG TOUR and I'd love to have you participate! 

Do you have a blog? Do you have a project you'd like to make with MAGIC fabric? Do you have a pattern or tutorial that you'd like to share with your community using MAGIC fabric? 

We'd love to hear from you! 

Email and we will send you all the information you need to submit your idea. This is a great way to build your own community, share a project you've been wanting to provide and just be part of a wonderful tour! 

Can't wait to hear from you! 


Sarah Jane

Sommer Dress Challenge Winners

I'm so excited to announce the Winners for the Sommer Dress Challenge! Forgive me for how long it's taken. We went on vacation after the announcement on Social Media, but I realized I realized I haven't posted properly about it! 

After I tallied up all the dresses posted to Instagram, Facebook, as well as entries emailed to me, I was BLOWN AWAY by them all! There were well over 100 entries (and many entries had multiple dresses, which of course didn't matter for entering purposes) but there were so many dresses to look through! I am seriously so amazed. 

Well into the submission process, I changed the judging rules to choosing the winner at random because I knew I couldn't fairly judge and choose a top three. It was literally impossible. With hundreds of dresses, and many of them superbly made and photographed, I decided to narrow the dresses to a handful of the best ones, and choose three winners from that pool of top choices. 

Each entry received a small prize, so if you entered, and by chance didn't get the notice via email, instagram or Facebook, please contact me and I will get you your winnings:) 

First place goes to Jennifer Taylor of  Lillian Kate Custom Clothing. Aren't these dresses adorable? And those Texas bluebells couldn't be more perfect. i love the gingham and floral combination! 

Second place goes to Christina Gossard of A Spoolfull of Sugar with this lovely dress made from Tangled Tulips and the painted Gingham. Those pockets and a matching adorable! 

Third place goes to Carrie Steed with these adorable dresses made from Elephant's and Elegant's MORI dress pattern. They are the sweetest! 

Over the next while, I'll be posting other dresses and clothing made with Sommer Fabrics. It's been so amazing to see so many amazing outfits for children as well as adults:) If you are on Facebook or Instagram, follow #sommerdresschallenge or #sommerfabric or #sarahjanessommer to see more! It's been such a pleasure! 

Happy sewing everyone:) 



Introducing LOLA DUTCH is a little bit much

introducing Lola Dutch

BIG NEWS TODAY! I've been dying to share the exciting news that my husband and I have written and illustrated a book series and it's just been announced in Publishers Weekly today! The First book LOLA DUTCH IS A LITTLE BIT MUCH is scheduled to launch late 2017/early 2018. This is a dream come true on so many levels.

LOLA DUTCH is an impulsive, over the top, all or nothing personality with a tendency towards creative genius in everything she does. And she just got her very own book deal:)

You could say the creation of this character is something that's been in the works for years. So you'll need a little backstory:

Since the early age of 8 I knew I'd write and illustrate picture books as my career. With a degree in Musical Theater and just as much private training in art, my art career was always aimed with this in mind.

Fast forward to when I met my husband Kenneth the first day of class in our musical theater program in college. I knew very early on that we made a great team. With his years of experience in storytelling in the classroom and on the stage, and my dream of creating characters for children to love, we knew if we worked hard enough, we could create a dynamite act.  

After years of studying, writing, drafting, editing and learning how to work together, Kenneth and I have created LOLA DUTCH...a book series that has been in our heads and hearts for a very long time. In fact, you may already recognize or even own early drafts of these characters from prints in my shop:)

We are thrilled to announce that our book was acquired at auction by Bloomsbury US and Bloomsbury UK with more on the way! Lola and her team of sidekicks are antsy to make their debut with the first book release in a little over 18 months! It sounds so far away, but we will be sharing LOLA DUTCH with you in delightful bits and fascinating pieces before then. We can't wait!

Here is the Publishers Weekly article on it today, if you care to know details:)

You can join LOLA DUTCH on her own Instagram page here at @loladutch too! It's the very beginning of an exciting journey with this little girl that is just too much.

So much magic to come!


MAGIC! New Fabric coming Summer 2016

magic by sarah jane

Hip Hip Horray! This summer I'm releasing yet another fabric collection with Michael Miller Fabrics, and I'm super thrilled. I will be debuting the collection at the International Quilt Market this May in Salt Lake City, Utah, and it will be shipping to stores in July. 

MAGIC is my response to my own children's love of magical play. Unicorns, Dragons, and Mermaids in Mint, Pink and Gold. This is my first time playing with GOLD in my fabric, and I'm so happy with how it turned out! It's literally MAGICAL! 

I'll be trickling in more to show you as the weeks come...I'm still not done loving and adoring SOMMER! I'm sure you are too:) But stay tuned....there is lot's of MAGIC coming your way! 

Spring Sale!

Easter is just around the corner (that was fast!!) and I hope you can all enjoy a little spring sale! Now through Sunday you can get 20% off at checkout with code "SPRING20" on your entire purchase! Enjoy! 



Swaddle fabric video!

So excited to show you this Swaddle fabric (gauze fabric) video I've been working on! I wanted to show you how incredibly soft and versatile this fabric is!  

this fabric really is a game changer! I've loved seeing your creations on Instsgram! It's perfect for Swaddle blankets of course, but because it's 52" wide on the bolt, it lends itself to so much! Bedding, clothing and even quilting! You'll see a pieced quilt in the video that I'm really excited to show you more if later. 

And if course, if you ever have questions about this fabric feel free to contact me or Michael Miller Fabrics! 


Easter Dress Challenge

Sommer Easter Dress Challenge

With Sommer fabric hitting stores, and Easter just around the corner, I thought it would be so fun to have an Easter Dress Challenge! SOMMER is perfect for spring dresses, with all the florals, bunnies, birds and checks. And with us all sharing our creations, it will be even more fun! And of course, we must have a bit of friendly competition...3 lucky winners will win some amazing prizes! 

Dress Challenge Guidelines: 

1) Each dress needs to be made of exclusively SOMMER fabric and/or SOMMER gauze (swaddle fabric) and can (but doens't need to) incorporate Cotton Couture Solids (Michael Miller Solid Fabrics)

2) Deadline for submission is Thursday March 31st at 10 pm EST

3) Dress must be photographed in a way that we can see the whole dress. Multiple photos are just fine. (Hint: Good lighting and good, clean photography will show off your dress the best:) Dresses can be worn or on a hanger, but we must see the whole dress)

4) You must tag your dress with #sommerdresschallenge and post to instagram or facebook and also tag me at @sarahjanestudios and/or @sarahjanefabric to make sure that I receive it. If you don't have a social media account, you can email me at and I can upload your dress for you. If you have already posted dresses to social media and want them to be included, you must go back and tag them with these. 

5) These do NOT have to be easter Dresses! I'm just calling it that, because well, girls love new dresses at easter:) 

6) Judging will be based on dress design, use of fabric (you can use one print or doesn't matter) clear presentation and overall quality. 

7) Multiple submissions are just fine.


Winners will be judged and announced on Friday April 1st. 

1) FIRST PLACE: An assortment of 5 yards of SOMMER fabrics, double gauze and a $75 gift card to Sarah Jane Studios Shop. It will also be featured on the Michael Miller Fabrics Blog.

2) SECOND PLACE: An assortment of 3 yards of SOMMER fabrics, double gauze and $50 to the Sarah Jane Studios Shop. 

3) THIRD PLACE: An assortment of 2 yards of SOMMER fabrics, double gauze and $25 to the Sarah Jane Shop. 

And for ALL other submissions: I will do my very best to feature your dress on my Instagram at @sarahjanefabric for all to see! 

Ok! Let's get going! Spread the word, and share the love. I can't wait to see your amazing creations! 

(image from Nicole Hill Gerulat)