Sommer Dress Challenge Winners

I'm so excited to announce the Winners for the Sommer Dress Challenge! Forgive me for how long it's taken. We went on vacation after the announcement on Social Media, but I realized I realized I haven't posted properly about it! 

After I tallied up all the dresses posted to Instagram, Facebook, as well as entries emailed to me, I was BLOWN AWAY by them all! There were well over 100 entries (and many entries had multiple dresses, which of course didn't matter for entering purposes) but there were so many dresses to look through! I am seriously so amazed. 

Well into the submission process, I changed the judging rules to choosing the winner at random because I knew I couldn't fairly judge and choose a top three. It was literally impossible. With hundreds of dresses, and many of them superbly made and photographed, I decided to narrow the dresses to a handful of the best ones, and choose three winners from that pool of top choices. 

Each entry received a small prize, so if you entered, and by chance didn't get the notice via email, instagram or Facebook, please contact me and I will get you your winnings:) 

First place goes to Jennifer Taylor of  Lillian Kate Custom Clothing. Aren't these dresses adorable? And those Texas bluebells couldn't be more perfect. i love the gingham and floral combination! 

Second place goes to Christina Gossard of A Spoolfull of Sugar with this lovely dress made from Tangled Tulips and the painted Gingham. Those pockets and a matching adorable! 

Third place goes to Carrie Steed with these adorable dresses made from Elephant's and Elegant's MORI dress pattern. They are the sweetest! 

Over the next while, I'll be posting other dresses and clothing made with Sommer Fabrics. It's been so amazing to see so many amazing outfits for children as well as adults:) If you are on Facebook or Instagram, follow #sommerdresschallenge or #sommerfabric or #sarahjanessommer to see more! It's been such a pleasure! 

Happy sewing everyone:)