Lola Dutch

lola dutch cover

We are just about 3 months away from a VERY BIG DAY!!! 

Lola Dutch, written and illustrated by myself and my husband Kenneth, will be launching on January 30th, 2018! We are more than a little bit excited as we get ready to introduce to you this spunky and passionate little girl and her wonderful friends! 

Lola Dutch is the first picture book in a series of books, and is being published with Bloomsbury Publishing USA and UK. The exciting thing about that, is Lola Dutch will be released in the USA, UK, CANADA and AUSTRALIA all around the same time! Which makes me so very happy, because I know so many of you are spread out around the globe. 

We have created a website for LOLA DUTCH which will make it much easier to share information, and give you a grander sense of her world. Have a look! You can pre-order there, sign up for the newsletter, and soon you'll be able to download activities and other lovely and useful things for kids! 

Lola Dutch isn't just a book, we hope. We hope it inspires a movement in preserving curiosity in childhood. This book was inspired by our own passion for learning and life, and we hope Lola inspires us all to be life long learners and to inspire our children not to just passively consume information, but to create and to DO something with that they learn, in order to be active doers and thinkers as they grow up! 

Stay tuned for more as we get closer to January 30th!