New Space, New Changes.

watercolor tray.jpg

Hello! Thanks for a great sale yesterday! It's been so fun to get all these packages out to you! We are in the studio packing away, and it feels good to clean out, and make room for more projects in the future:) 

I'm cleaning up on all fronts, and I wanted to let you know that, as you can tell, I have a new website and blog! But, like all cleaning, there is still some more work to do, so forgive me as the blog is still under construction a bit. The shop is still my original shop, and will be shifting over to this new space soon, just FYI. And currently my blog is still getting worked on. So, Mind the Gap!

I'd love it if you'd look around and let me know what you think! Let me know if there are any bugs on the website, etc. I hope you like it! I was able to work with the incredible Dabito at Old Brand New, and he's done an amazing job! He's so super talented, and I'm just so glad that I finally was able to build a space that had all my work and brand in one single location that you can look through easily. 

And in other news, Allie, my studio manager, is moving to Arizona, and we will be moving the shop there too. When you find someone as amazing as Allie, you don't try to replace her. You just follow her wherever she goes! So I'm sad to move packing and shipping out of my home, but so glad to keep Allie! 

It feels good to be blogging again....good to be back.