Wallpaper & Decal Giveaway

How's this for some happy friday news?  

1 MFS_aqua 600_250

Design Mom is hosting a Giveaway of my wallpaper here. The giveaway ends today, or over the weekend...it's unclear...so hurry on over! 

I'm so excited to share more images of the wallpaper. It's been a dream to work with! Fabric wallpaper and decals that are peel and stick, removeable, reusable, wrinkle-out-easy, nearly impossible to rip (At least I haven't yet, and I've been pretty rough with them) made in the USA, eco-friendly and kid safe. The colors are gorgeous, and I honestly couldn't be happier with this new line!


Have a lovely weekend! I'd love to hear which wallpapers are your favorite....And best of luck on the giveaway!