Life Lately...

Not really sure how blogging has taken a back seat. It might have to do with the month of May always being as full as it always is...mixed with my grandmother's passing, a Print Show, A little trip to NYC and a Book to wrap up.

This month, we actually canceled all of the kids' extra curricular activities. May is always so buzy! Concerts, final school projects, recitals, end of school activities, graduations.....

So we actually pulled the kids out of everything, knowing how extra busy it would be for our family, so we could spend more time together. It's been just right. They love being home more, and I love having them home! I can't wait till summer!

Well, here's life lately according to Instagram. The cutest baby.

A book that I illustrated coming out in August! More soon!

Vintage babies.


The Print Show at BYU Women's Conference was a success! Thanks for coming out!

nyc cab

I tooke a quickie two day trip to NYC to visit Surtex and the National Stationery Show. So much inspiration! I love this town.

So great to see so many friends! It was awesome to see so many familiar faces!

There is a lot of great stuff I can't wait to show you...give me a bit to put it all together for you. Come back tomorrow for a Holiday Sale and I hope you have a Lovely Memorial Day Weekend! Love to you all!