World Wide Windows

My mom took a day trip to London yesterday (my dad was just admitted into Oxford University, so they were there visiting) which was perfect timing to see the Ralph Lauren windows at Bond Street in London! Gosh. I wish so bad I could be there in person. It's such a gorgeous building!

(I asked my mom for a souvenir but all she could find were outfits more expensive than my stroller:) So fancy Schmancy. I love it.)

What a fancy little trip, and I just love seeing all your candid pics in front of the windows!

I'm starting to get instagrams and emails with people visiting the window displays around the world, and I can't wait to see yours!

If you are planning on bing in New York City, Chicago, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong this Christmas, don't be shy, and take your pic  in front of the window display!

{Click here for a list of stores}


I would love to have a little collection...especially since I don't even know what the set up is in the other stores besides New York and London.

So do share! You can facebook, instagram, or email. 

Happy Christmas!