The Nutcracker Surprise: Part 1

I have a really cool secret that I can't tell you just yet. But it's really incredible. My best secret yet.

I'm getting on a plane tomorrow (with cute baby Anders of course), heading on a really cool journey that has something to do with these Nutcracker Theater puppets.

The suspense it too much, I know.

And no, I'm not touring as the Sugar Plum Fairy this Christmas.

I know. You are SO bummed out right now.

But your getting warmer.

I'm going to be Instagramming my journey and you can follow along here

(Even if you aren't on instagram, you can peek by clicking my little camera button on the sidebar starting tomorrow afternoon!)

Eeek! I can't wait to tell you.

But in the mean time, you can download your Nutcracker puppets and start cutting them out, ready to dance.

And watch this adorable video here.

Any guesses? More hints coming tomorrow....

Stay tuned!