3 months

IMG_9318-1 It's hard to believe that I was in the hospital giving birth 3 months ago. Meeting him for the first time was so magical, and it honestly surprises me EVERY single time with how fast time flies by.

I'm just barely getting my Thank You cards out, I got my first hair trim in months  2 weeks ago, and started my list of unfinished projects from before my pregnancy. Those first 3 months are buckle-down-baby mode for me. I've always had rather needy newborns, and I'm kinda grateful. It forces me to slow down and really take the time and focus I need to introduce ourselves. We're buddies for life now:)



He's really starting to get socially aware, and this is always a favorite stage....especially for the kids. It makes it so much easier to put him down and make dinner, and put the kids in charge of making him laugh for 20 minutes. It's completely adorable.


We are back from Quilt Market now, and man! He was AMAZING! I'm just downloading pictures now from Market, as well as for my newest fabric line to show you!! This week I'll be trickling in lots of eye candy. I can't wait to show you:)

But he's just as much eye candy as anything, right? My best and most creative creation. Everything else takes a back seat.

See you tomorrow for more!